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Easing customer deployment to public cloud providers

Banks, corporates and FinTechs are increasingly turning to cloud-based services to reduce costs, improve agility and resiliency, and to streamline security and compliance.

Embracing this trend, and further supporting our community, we are enhancing the SWIFT footprint to ease customer deployments in ‘hyper-scale’ public cloud platforms such as Microsoft Azure, Google, GCP and Amazon AWS.

The initiative will provide two critical enhancements to accelerate public cloud deployment:

Alliance Connect can use virtualized VPNs deployed on the public cloud using traditional network partners

enhancements to our connectivity stack (Alliance Gateway, SWIFTNet Link, and HSMs) that will take advantage of cloud automation and deployment models

We have completed successful proof-of-concepts with Microsoft Azure and are in the process of executing similar projects with AWS and GCP. We are preparing for a pilot phase in mid-2020, with a community-wide service targeted for Q4 2020.

Public cloud connectivity to SWIFT
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Public cloud connectivity is the next phase in SWIFT's connectivity evolution


Making it easier for customers to host solutions in the cloud.


Lower the risks of moving from on-premise to cloud-based solutions through enhanced security.


Cloud-agnostic connectivity, giving you the freedom to use any public cloud provider.

Public cloud connectivity to SWIFT

To learn more or be involved in the pilot program, please register your interest here.