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Choose the integration package to fit your needs

Combining Swift’s integration capabilities with one or more software adapters, our integration packages can help connect the organisation’s back office with the Swift network. Two different packages are available to complete the loop in your financial transaction processing – whatever your specific requirements.

Standard Integration Package

When files need to be automated in ‘batch’ mode only, our entry level package is likely to be the most suitable option. Meeting straightforward connectivity needs, the Standard Integration Package provides automated file transfer (AFT) on Alliance Entry and Alliance Access.

  • Message files are supported.
  • All Alliance Access file formats are supported: FIN/RJE, MX/XMLv2, DOS-PCC and FileAct.
  • As a fixed price package, the Standard Integration Package offers predictable costs. The package is priced independently of traffic volumes and Alliance Access Banks and is not subject to band upgrades.

Suitable for applications which can produce files formatted precisely for Alliance Access – including headers – the Standard Integration Package does not support interactive protocols such as MQ, customisations or the Direct FileAct function, whereby FileAct files are submitted without header information.

Full Integration Package

Suitable when changes to the back office will affect the integration between back office applications and Swift, the Full Integration Package provides all the tools needed to implement any new integration with Swift. This comprehensive package supports the changing needs of organisations with a more complex systems infrastructure, with the added benefit of predictable costs.

The Full integration Packages combines the integration capabilities of either Alliance Access Integration Platform (IPLA) or Swift Integration Layer (SIL) with adapters enabling communications with the relevant business applications. Included in the package are:

  • All adapters: AFT, Direct FileAct, MQ-HA, SOAP-HA and web services.
  • All interactive protocols: MQ, SOAP, REST and JDBC.
  • All file based protocols: FIN/RJE, MX/XMLv2, DOS-PCC, FileAct and Direct FileAct.
  • All capabilities of IPLA and SIL, such as transformations and message and file construction.

This package also allows organisations to install and customise other Swift solutions such as Sanctions Screening and T2S.

Drawing upon our expertise

As an optional extra service, Swift Consultancy Services can help you choose and implement your integration package. The cost of this consultancy will be priced in your proposal following an appraisal of your specific requirements. A ‘Developer Seat’ is also available if special access is needed for an in-house development project.