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Automate collateral management

Our collateral management solutions standardise, automate and track your collateral operations - reducing risk, improving straight-through processing and saving costs.

Our bilateral collateral management solution uses ISO 20022 and ISO 15022 messages. We recommend it for repurchase agreements, securities lending and OTC derivatives and margin requirements. It facilitates posting of collateral and exchange of information around margin calls, substitution, and interest processing and reporting.

Our triparty collateral management solution uses ISO 15022 messages, facilitates communications with triparty agents, and matches and reports on the status of statements.

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Single entry point

With our collateral management solutions, you can connect to counterparties, triparty agents and CSDs worldwide using the same channel and standards.

Meets transparent and efficient

Our solutions meet the current regulatory framework, including for reporting cleared and uncleared OTC derivatives. They help you to improve transparency and reduce risks.

Suits all collateral models

Our ISO 15022 and ISO 20022 messages facilitate bilateral (for repurchase agreements; securities lending), triparty and central counterparty clearing (for cleared and uncleared OTC derivatives).