Security at the heart of your treasury

Digital identity management solution for accessing all your banks, using personal digital signatures.

3SKey: a multi-bank, multi-network personal digital identity solution

Fraud and cybersecurity are major concerns when it comes to managing the treasury of an international company. How do you protect transactions and information without compromising on efficiency? And how do you deal with more than one banking partner or tool, when each one has its own security device and user right management?
SWIFT’s 3SKey is a platform-independent security device which enables you to sign transactions and verify signatory rights across multiple banks with a personal digital signature. You can manage user rights and authorisation from a single point across all your banks.
Use 3SKey to digitally sign transactions on any channel: SWIFT, host-to-host, web portals or domestic (EBICS). 3SKey can also be used to authorise transactions with internal counterparties.

  • One token to all your banks
  • Reinforced security
  • Multi-channel
  • Central control of user permissions

3SKey for Corporates

3SKey for Corporates video3SKey for Corporates
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3SKey for Corporates