The multibank, multichannel personal digital identity solution

3SKey: a multibank, multi-network personal digital identity solution

Now banks and corporations can rely on a single identity solution to authenticate communications across all banking channels.

With 3SKey, corporate users have a single token and password to authenticate and approve transactions with all their banks, ending the inefficiency of multiple devices, passwords and processes.

Banks benefit from secure, scalable and cost effective shared infrastructure – without the burden of in-house development and maintenance. 

We’ve developed 3SKey together with the banking community to provide an interoperable, multibank solution– while maintaining each bank’s control of the identity registration process for its customers. 3SKey tokens contain a unique,  anonymous identifier that each bank registers and assigns independently to their customers.. 3SKey uses a trusted Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) to guarantee transactions are authentic, unaltered and legally binding.

3SKey can be used with any electronic banking channel and with internal workflows and approval processes. Limits are managed centrally, and a complete audit trail is available.

Corporates: interested in other solutions for your business?

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Corporates: End the complexity of multiple tokens, passwords and processes

At last, corporate users of electronic banking services can use a single token and password to authenticate and secure transactions with all their banks.

Banks: Choose a cost-effective shared infrastructure that’s always up-to-date

3SKey’s scalable, shared infrastructure is managed by SWIFT. We take care of maintaining and updating it for all users – saving costs and increasing efficiency for all.

Built on industry standards

Industry standards deliver the security and reliability banks and corporate users demand. 3SKey is also easy to integrate with your in-house applications.