SWIFTRef BIC-LEI Relationship File

Enabling market participants to link and cross-reference the two key entity identifiers

SWIFTRef BIC-LEI Relationship File

SWIFT and GLEIF are collaborating to provide the First Open Source BIC-to-LEI Relationship File

This file provides the BIC and LEI codes of entities that have both identifiers, easing the data reconciliation for these two widely used and recognised legal entity identifiers.

SWIFTRef - SWIFT's global reference data utility - is producing and updating the SWIFTRef BIC-to-LEI Relationship File downloadable from this page. A more basic version of the same file can also be downloaded from the GLEIF's website.

SWIFTRef's dedicated teams of data experts collect and validate information from official issuers and owners of the data for the different SWIFTRef solutions, ensuring accurate, actionable and timely data delivery to its community of Financial Institutions and Corporates.

Last update: 
2 December 2019

SWIFTRef BIC-LEI Relationship File

BIC-LEI relationship file and specifications.
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Go further with Entity Data

SWIFTRef has recently extended its coverage with the provision of a dedicated new service offering called Entity Plus. This new service is aimed at helping financial institutions address operational challenges related to regulatory compliance and reporting, risk management and due diligence.

Entity Plus provides:

  • Full list of identifiers (BIC, LEI, GIIN, MIC, ..) including their history;
  • Associated data attributes of the identifiers (legal name, commercial name, address, status, etc.);
  • Cross-reference of these identifiers;
  • Legal ownership structure of the institutions up to the ultimate parent.