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Replacing SEPA Plus and IBAN Plus

Validate and route your SEPA payments efficiently

Financial institutions must be equipped to process SEPA payments in the most efficient manner. SEPA Directory is ideal if you need to prepare and process SEPA payments.

SEPA Directory enables a flawless SEPA payments process, including payments routing data and bank’s capability to process SEPA scheme transactions. 

Got questions on SEPA Directory?

What is the SEPA Directory

Some institutions are members of multiple Clearing and Settlement Mechanisms (CSMs). Some are only indirect members, receiving payments via intermediary institutions. And some are not yet capable of processing all SEPA payment types.

Identifying the appropriate payment channel within SEPA can therefore be a considerable challenge.

SEPA Directory supplies the data needed to validate SEPA payment messages as well as the information required for accurate and efficient routing.

Issues you can resolve with this directory

  • Bank codes and their SEPA IBAN suitability to enable SEPA IBAN validation
  • SEPA-specific BIC codes to enable completion of the BIC from the IBAN
  • SEPA Credit Transfer and SEPA Direct Debit adherence to the SEPA schemes
  • Details on how SEPA IBANs are structured in each SEPA country
  • Identify SEPA clearing channels through which a beneficiary institution can be reached
  • Identify intermediary institutions if the beneficiary institution is an indirect CSM participant
  • SEPA routing information: Automated Clearing House and reachability

What you can find in this directory

  • Cross-referenced BIC, FINplus Distinguished name (DN), domestic bank code, Legal Entity Identifier (LEI)
  • Organisation info (head office, branch, …) and financial type of entity
  • Entities names and postal addresses (including in ISO20022 format), and in local language
  • SEPA clearing & settlement mechanism (CSM) participant list
  • Bank’s reachability for SEPA payments through a CSM
  • Bank’s formal adherence to the SEPA schemes: SCT, SCT Inst, SDD B2B and SDD Core