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Replacing Payments Plus

The complete reference data solution for your global payments

Payments Directory provides all the reference data required for global payments operations. This is provided in a single relational database for easy integration with your key systems.

With Payments Directory, your payment systems can easily validate payment instructions and select the appropriate payments routing. As a result, you can optimise automation and increase your straight-through processing rates. The number of payments falling out for repair and investigation are dramatically reduced – improving the efficiency of your back office, driving down costs and reducing operational risk.

Got questions about Payments Directory?

What issues can you resolve with this directory

  • BIC identification and validation
  • National bank (clearing/sort) code identification
  • Identification of the most efficient channel to reach a beneficiary institution
  • Validation and identification of SEPA scheme adherence (SCT, SDD Core or SDD B2B) and reachability
  • Name, address and bank holiday research for any financial institution or corporate listed
  • Identification of beneficiary banks’ correspondents for various currencies where available.
  • Identification of correspondents per asset category
  • Identification of account numbers that the beneficiary bank holds with the correspondent
  • Identification of intermediary institutions if the beneficiary institution has an indirect account owner

What can you find in this directory

  • All Swift BIC codes, including Distinguished Names (DNs)
  • National bank identification codes
  • CHIPS, TARGET and EBA data
  • All SEPA data, including routing information and IBAN validation data
  • Bank Standing Settlement Instructions (SSIs)
  • Country, currency and holiday information