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Replacing Bank Directory Plus

Data supporting domestic and international payments

As an organisation operating on a global scale, you need accurate and up-to-date reference data to support processing hundreds or thousands of payments.

Whether you are a corporate or a financial institution, Identifiers Directory is the ideal directory to help you prepare, validate and process payments to any domestic or international institution.

Got questions about Identifiers Directory?

How you will benefit


Increase your staff efficiency by saving time and resources spent in investigating and repairing erroneous payments.


Become more competitive and enhance your reputation by reducing payment delays and rejections.

Cost reduction

Reduce your costs associated with payment failure investigations.


Reduction of operational risks

Reduce your operational risks by automating payment validation before submitting the transactions.

Quality of data governance

Increase your data governance quality by automating data loading and updating processes.

What is the Identifiers Directory

Identifiers Directory is your one-stop-shop for accurate, up-to-date global payments reference data, collected directly from data originators, including central banks, code issuers, clearing & settlement mechanisms (CSMs), banking associations, regional financial communities and financial institutions.

What does Identifiers Directory help you with

  • Validate (and map) the payment codes for all bank branches worldwide: national clearing codes, IBANs, BIC codes and its related Legal Entity Identifiers (LEIs)
  • Understand the operational bank hierarchies to help you in your payment reporting obligations and operations
  • Identify financial institutions and corporates by checking operational names and address

What data can you find in Identifiers Directory

  • All BIC codes from the BIC ISO-registry, including the related bank’s Distinguished Name (DN)
  • National clearing/sort codes
  • The IBAN-related data for financial institutions worldwide
  • The full ISO20022 structured and unstructured address
  • Name, address and identification codes in domestic (non-Latin) characters set for specific countries such as China, Japan, Korea or Russia
  • Legal Entity Identifiers (LEIs) for entities with a BIC code
  • ISO country and currency codes and bank holiday information