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Payments department operators need to check and validate BICs and sort codes in transaction exceptions in order to process those exceptions efficiently.

In the front office, IBANs, and the routing of IBANs provided by customers, must also be checked before sending them for processing to ensure delivery.

In the Foreign Department, operators need to know the SSI of the bank of the beneficiary in order to make a payment.

Whether you are a financial institution or a corporate using SWIFT or other channels, Bankers World Online REACH allows you to:

  • Correctly identify your payments correspondents in both cross-border and domestic markets
  • Validate your payments correspondents SSIs, Account and IBAN structure
  • Verify your payments correspondents membership to local clearing and settlement systems


  • Easy access through our secure online platform
  • Single source for look-ups on accurate and always up-to-date global payment information
  • Direct link to KYC Registry and Bankers World Online ENTITY

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