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Consult BIC information at any time

Bankers World Online BIC provides a comprehensive and easy to use online look-up access to Swift’s BIC database.

It includes current and historic BICs and their attributes, like name and ISO 20022 structured address, Distinguished Name (DN), BIC publication and expiration date, the BIC’s reachability over FileAct, InterAct, FIN and much more.

Got questions on Bankers World Online BIC?

What are the benefits

  • Easy access through our secure online platform
  • Single source for look-ups on global, accurate and always up-to-date BIC code information
  • Easy upgrade to Bankers World Online REACH for more Payments Reference Data

What you can find in Bankers World Online BIC

  • All Swift BIC codes, including Distinguished Names (DNs)
  • BIC historical events (activation, modification, expiration)
  • Swift connectivity information (FIN, InterAct, FileAct)
  • Time-zone information
  • Country, currency codes and bank holidays