MyStandards platform

The ultimate tool to manage standards definitions and industry practice more efficiently

A better way to manage financial message standards definitions and usage

MyStandards streamlines the management of standards releases and market practice guidelines for your organisation.

Stay up-to-date with standards changes and manage your organisation’s standards use more efficiently with the MyStandards collaborative web platform.

Key features of MyStandards

  • A freely available online repository of all current and future MT, MX and ISO 20022 standards.
  • A collaborative web platform where organisations may publish and share, access and manage standards documentation and market practice guidelines internally and with their counterparties.  
  • Premium features such as multi-format documentation, impact analysis and comparison tools help automate tasks and promote consistent, high quality documentation.
  • Combined with the MyStandards Readiness Portal for online testing, MyStandards facilitates onboarding to new counterparties or markets and reduces implementation errors.

Find out how MyStandards works best for you:

MyStandards licensing model

  • Basic service level
    You can register for MyStandards as an individual, free of charge, by providing a valid email address. You don't even need to be a SWIFT customer to do so. You will have access to all public content, as well as to any guidelines that publishers have chosen to share with you. You can browse base standards (MT and MX) and public and shared usage guidelines, generate PDFs, and comment.
  • Premium service level
    Premium service is available for an annual subscription and gives access to advanced features, such as the analytical framework, creation of usage guidelines, spreadsheet documentation, machine-readable outputs, and the MyStandards Base Libraries.

    Licensing MyStandards for your organisation entitles you to grant all employees access to the Premium features. You can also create your own store front and home page on MyStandards.

    Joining the MyStandards Premium community gives you access to a wide range of activities, such as user group events, premium training sessions and monthly dialogue sessions. Become part of the team and help to determine the development of MyStandards.

Please note that the Premium service level and features are not currently available to technology partners.

For more information on licensing MyStandards, please contact your account manager.


MyStandards Roadmap

Our commitment to ensure MyStandards continuously evolves in line with industry needs


MyStandards FAQ

Your MyStandards questions answered