A collaborative web platform to better manage global standards and related market practice


A collaborative web platform to better manage global standards and related market practice

MyStandards is a collaborative web application that simplifies how you manage financial messaging standards. More than 40,000 users create, publish, share and consume message specifications and usage guidelines.

SWIFT Translator complements the MyStandards suite with a network and interface-agnostic solution to easily translate messages to and from any format.

MyStandards strongly supports ISO 20022, and provides pioneering solutions to transaction banks, securities firms, market infrastructures, corporates and SWIFT partners alike.

Our solutions


MyStandards platform

The ultimate tool to manage standards definitions and industry practice more efficiently


MyStandards Readiness Portal

Simpler testing, faster onboarding


SWIFT Translator

Map, validate and transition any message fluently



MyStandards Base Libraries

Standards tools to support your development phase

MT Standards Release Portal

Simplify mandatory standards updates


MyStandards FAQ

Your MyStandards questions answered

Latest resources

Case Studies

BNP Paribas & Vilmorin & Cie expediate the onboarding process with MyStandards

Vilmorin & Cie testimony: how BNP Paribas streamlines implementation projects worldwide using MyStandards Readiness Portal

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Case Studies

Societe Generale and Thales reap the benefits of MyStandards Readiness Portal

Customised ISO 20022 XML testing environment delivers greater speed and autonomy

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Case Studies

Citi - Case Study

SWIFT gpi: the road to transparency

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Cost & Time Savings

Onboard clients faster and manage standards releases more efficiently.

Accelerated Onboarding

Create customised self-service test portals to streamline corporate onboarding.

Enhanced Customer Experience

Easy, harmonised, self-service documentation and 24/7 testing environment.

Standards Expertise

40+ years of standards management, solid libraries & unique ISO 20022 experience.

Reduced Maintenance Effort

Powerful testing and analysis tools between standards releases.

Ease of Deployment

No software to install for MyStandards or Readiness Portal; flexible deployment.

MyStandards is a collaborative web platform for transaction banks, securities firms, corporates and market infrastructures. 

We work closely with our users to provide the features that will benefit them the most.

Our User Group Meetings have proven to be a great venue for our user community to share ideas, build relationships and collaborate on the evolution of the platform.

Join the community and help us shape the future of the MyStandards portfolio.