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Free email service helps you manage sanctions list changes

Table of contents

Monitors all major public lists

Sanctions List Monitor continuously monitors for updates and changes to the key regulatory sanctions lists covering:

  • Australia
  • Canada
  • Europe
  • Switzerland
  • UK
  • United Nations
  • United States

Two-step alert process

As a registered user of Sanctions List Monitor, you can ask to receive updates for some or all of the lists covered. Then, whenever a change is detected, you will receive an immediate email alert direct to your inbox. First, you’re alerted that a change is coming. A second email then provides details of the change and a comparison between the previous and updated list versions.

The two-step process ensures you and your internal compliance teams get maximum notice of changes. The standardised notification format enables you to understand the impact of list changes, verify the details independently and prioritise specific updates so you can execute systems changes promptly.

Because Sanctions List Monitor continuously monitors for changes, you’ll be alerted as soon as a change is published - often, this will be ahead of a regulator’s own “push” communications.    

Standardised data via a single channel

Different regulatory sites display updates in a variety of formats, and this can make it difficult to interpret changes correctly and identify, for example, that a new name has been added to a list or a comment field updated. By providing full details of additions, deletions and updates, Sanctions List Monitor helps you prioritise changes. It displays change information in a standard format that is clear and easy to interpret and compare – all direct to your email.

Free of charge

Sanctions List Monitor is a free service from Swift. It’s part of a portfolio of financial crime compliance solutions we have developed in collaboration with our members to help reduce the costs and risks of compliance obligations through secure, efficient shared services.

Simply sign up for Sanctions List Monitor to start getting the benefits of this free service.