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Tackling securities settlement fails

1 HOUR - Learn how a unique transaction identifier can help you prevent settlement fails, reduce costs and risk, and improve your customers’ experience.

Securities settlement fails cost the industry billions in operational overheads and fees. And this is only intensifying under CSDR’s Settlement Discipline Regime and shortening settlement cycles.

But it doesn’t have to be this way. Increased transparency and tracking across the securities transaction lifecycle can help firms detect trades at risk of failing and resolve them before they become a problem. 

With cost pressures mounting, rising customer expectations for transparent services, and a global focus on improving operational resilience, the industry needs to come together now to address the issue of settlement fails once and for all. 

Why attend this webinar? 

In this webinar, hear experts from BNY Mellon, Euroclear, HSBC, and Swift talk about: 

  • The rising costs and risks associated with settlement fails
  • How the industry can address this with increased transparency
  • Benefits of adopting the Unique Transaction Identifier
  • The path forward for industry-wide adoption
Related information 

To learn more about the ongoing work to implement the Unique Transaction Identifier and the benefits it can bring to your organisation, check out our paper Solving the post-trade transparency challenge: The case for a unique transaction identifier in securities.

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Webinar recording - Tackling securities settlement fails
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