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Over the last year, SWIFTRef has grown to become a unique industry source for worldwide reference data (BIC, LEI, national bank identifiers, IBAN/SEPA data, SSIs) and financial information. If you are eager to discover and watch how we have significantly enriched our platform with a wealth of financial and entity information, with top quality IBAN/SEPA data and with impressive new delivery channels, then join us in the Solutions-zone. We’ll take the opportunity also to share our development plans for 2015 and beyond. Hence, we are keen to gain your feedback and capture your wishes on the future SWIFTRef. We look forward meeting you! 

Sanctions Screening and Testing

Visit our experts to learn about the offerings SWIFT has developed to help financial institutions (FIs) deal with sanctions-related compliance issues. SWIFT’s Sanctions Screening allows financial institutions to have their SWIFT Payments and Trade messages screened against public and private sanctions lists as their messages pass over the SWIFT Network. Today Sanctions Screening is thriving with well over 300 small and medium-sized FIs, and 14 Central Banks, in over 85 countries adopting the service.

SWIFT’s Sanctions Testing Service allows FIs to test, and tune their sanctions environment either on a one-off or on-going basis. The goal of the STS service is to create a quality assurance program and ultimately allow them to demonstrate to their regulators that their sanctions environments are compliant. Testing allows FIs to improve, and get assurances of the effectiveness of their Sanctions filter to catch ‘bad guys.’ Tuning allows them to improve the efficiency of the filter, and reduce cost.

The KYC Registry – free to use in 2015

SWIFT has developed The KYC Registry to help correspondent banks simplify the complex web of processes that come with managing KYC requirements. It creates one secure place to get high-quality, qualified Know Your Customer (KYC) information on correspondent banks and share your information with selected counterparties in turn. Meet our experts to learn how The KYC Registry can support your compliance and correspondent activities. And, find out how you can use The KYC Registry for free in 2015.

Business intelligence - The competitive advantage of transforming data into actionable business insights

From Cash over Trade to Securities, Treasury and Compliance: SWIFT BI has introduced dedicated solutions for different business lines, allowing deep analysis of your business and market trends.

Ranging from market share analysis over operational excellence to discovering new market potential, big data analytics can unlock new potential business for you and map possible threats.

Cloud Services

Do you also have the feeling that the number of systems and applications that you manage just keeps on increasing? It does not always have to be like this! Join us and discover how products like Alliance Remote Gateway or Alliance Lifeline help you reduce the complexity of your SWIFT infrastructure, and allow you to do more of what really matters. With less.

Health-check, remote monitoring, and SWIFT Support options  

At the Support and Services demo zone you will be able to receive an explanation on the different Support packages and options SWIFT has to offer that are directed to improving your infrastructure and reducing risks by  making it more robust, secure and reliable.  You will have a chance to discuss what options are suitable specifically for your financial institution.

Integration Services - SWIFT’s innovative new interface & integration solutions

Using real customer implementations as case studies, we will show you how Integration Platform (IPLA) and SWIFT Integration Layer (SIL)  adds exciting new capabilities to Alliance Access and Alliance Lite2. You will be amazed what our integration products can do for you!


MyStandards is a powerful environment with wide-ranging potential. This is a universal source of information on usage of standards in different financial markets or institutions, sharing best market practices which may be used by different content consumers such as Financial institutions, Corporates, Application providers, Infrastructure providers etc.  SWIFT has developed The MyStandards application to help different market players to save time and simplify maintenance and control of future changes in message standards, making automatic version comparison and impact analysis of such changes  faster and  easier, eliminating any manual intervention,  create and maintain internal documentation, minimise resources for defining their own machine readable additional rules on usage of standards, maintaining and generating documentation and making test