11 March 2008

EU to review UST’s handling of SWIFT data under subpoena

Judge Bruguière appointed ‘eminent European person’

The European Commission has designated French Judge Jean-Louis Bruguière to review the procedures governing the handling, use and dissemination of the SWIFT data subpoenaed by the United States Treasury (UST). The US government agreed to the appointment of an ‘eminent person’ in June 2007, as part of EU-US talks that led to a set of unilateral commitments of the UST regarding its handling of the subpoenaed SWIFT data.

SWIFT looks forward to working with Judge Bruguière who will act in complete independence. SWIFT’s cooperation will include giving access to appropriate staff and facilities.

The EU news release announcing the appointment can be found at http://europa.eu/press_room/index_en.htm

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