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Innotribe and Innovate Finance launch Global FinTech Hubs Federation initiative

FinTech associations and network providers from more than 20 countries join Innotribe and Innovate Finance to form the Global FinTech Hubs Federation

Reference Data Management Maturity: Ripe for Change

How regular testing and tuning can give you sanctions compliance peace of mind

Industry experts discuss sanctions compliance best practice in this new SWIFT info paper.

Bitso, Quotanda, and Destacame win Innotribe Startup Challenge for Latin America

Innotribe run its first annual showcase for Latin America on Wednesday 29 June in Mexico City, in partnership with SWIFT’s Latin America Regional Conference (LARC). The three selected startups win a 10,000 USD prize each and a chance to share their insights about innovation with FinTech experts at Sibos

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SWIFT’s operational portal now at your fingertips: mySWIFT


Global securities reporting: Industry trends, challenges and future perspectives


SWIFT and Accenture outline path to Distributed Ledger Technology

New paper analyses the opportunities and challenges of distributed ledger technology in financial services; identifies key factors for success

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