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Table of contents

Our vision

Achieve more together. This reflects both the support of our community to raise our ambitions as well as the economics of our time. ‘More’ means growth through our strategic thrusts. ‘Together’ means strength, drawing on the resources of the global Swift community. To ‘achieve more together’, we will harness what has been called ‘one of the dominant franchises of our network age’ and tap the enormous potential of that franchise for the benefit of our worldwide community of members.

Our mission

Swift is a worldwide community of financial institutions whose purpose is to be the leader in communications solutions enabling interoperability between its members, their market infrastructures and their end-user communities.

Swift will:

  • Work in partnership with its members to provide low-cost, competitive financial processing and communications services of the highest security and reliability;
  • Contribute significantly to the commercial success of its members through greater automation of the end-to-end financial transaction process, based on its leading expertise in message processing and financial standards setting;
  • Capitalise on its position as an international open forum for the world’s financial institutions to address industry-level threats, issues and opportunities;
  • Employ and recruit the best people, invest in the most beneficial resources, and remain a leading global organisation respected for its professionalism, effectiveness, vision and management.


Operational excellence is central to everything we do at Swift. Thousands of financial institutions trust us to deliver millions of financial messages every day. We operate at the heart of the world’s financial industry and take this responsibility very seriously. Through our unremitting focus on security, resilience, reliability and integrity, we ensure that our systems and services live up to our high expectations and deliver on our promise to be the secure global messaging provider for the financial industry. At Swift failure is not an option.

Swift also stands for excellence in service. We do our utmost to ensure that our community of users values their Swift experience. We challenge ourselves to exceed all their expectations in us. We continuously work to improve the customer experience with Swift and develop new solutions to address the financial community’s challenges. We strive to become more relevant to our customers every day.


As a neutral global cooperative, Swift is defined by its community of users around the world. At Swift we believe we can achieve more together. By drawing from the resources of the global Swift community, we are able to harness the potential of our franchise for the benefit of our worldwide community of members.

Close cooperation with our users helps us understand their needs and challenges, and allows us to adapt and innovate according to their needs. We cooperate closely with our community in setting standards, shaping market practice and developing new services.

We mobilise our community, collaborate to define our strategy, to solve problems, and to stimulate dialogue to address the business challenges of today and tomorrow. We think and act long-term. As a member-owned cooperative, we look beyond quick fixes and try to craft affordable, sustainable solutions.


Swift is about continuity and change. We were founded in 1973, based on the ambitious and innovative vision of creating a shared worldwide financial messaging service, and a common language for international financial messaging. Ever since, Swift has advanced by embracing the exciting potential of new technologies. Over the past forty years, we have successfully pioneered secure technology, services and standards to enhance our service. Swift was at the forefront of developing digital solutions such as electronic data interchange and file-transfers. We disrupted previously manual processes to unlock huge efficiencies in the financial system, dramatically increasing reliability and reducing operational risks.

Swift is a technology leader in its sector, and continues innovating to shape the future of the financial world. At Swift, innovation focuses on and around the core. Innovation at Swift ensures that our platform and processes evolve to meet the expectations of our customers in a rapidly changing world.

Through Innotribe, the Swift Institute, the Swift Lab and our product development teams, we support innovation throughout the fintech sector; at the same time, we collaborate and seek to inspire our community to embrace change and understand the potential of innovation in our sector.

Our Code of Conduct

At Swift, our employees are bound to the strictest compliance and ethical standards. Swift conducts its business on the principle of Ethics, Integrity & Trust. Please consult our employees Code of Conduct to understand more.

If you want to report a violation of our Code of Conduct, or any other illegal or unethical behaviour you’ve witnessed at Swift, please use our Swift Speak Up channel.