Shared Infrastructure Programme

The Shared Infrastructure Programme defines operational standards for third-party service bureaux offering SWIFT connectivity - ensuring quality, security and reliability.

The Shared Infrastructure Programme – what does it offer?

It’s essential that service bureaux deliver secure and reliable SWIFT connectivity for their customers and conform to appropriate business practice.  

To ensure this, our Shared Infrastructure Programme  (SIP) provides a governance framework consisting of the SIP Policy and the SIP Terms and Conditions.

The SIP Policy  governs the relationship between SWIFT and end-user of a service bureau.

The SIP Terms and Conditions defines eligibility criteria, roles and responsibilities, and legal, financial and operational requirements that SWIFT service bureaux must meet. SWIFT service bureaux must meet the Standard Operational Practice requirements as set out in the SIP Terms and Conditions. From April 2016, new compliance requirements affecting all service bureaux have been added to the Programme, maintaining the highest level of standards for risk mitigation.

In addition, service bureaux may apply for Premier Operational Practice certification. A Premier label is awarded to service bureaux that comply with the ‘Best in Class’ Premier Operational Practice requirements.

SWIFT service bureaux are listed in the Service Bureau Directory, together with details of their operational level and expiry date.

Register as a SWIFT service bureau

Certification helps SWIFT users choose the right provider for their needs and enables service bureaux to position themselves in the market.

Skills certification

A SWIFT service bureau must meet the programme’s specified skills certification requirements.

FAQ - Your questions answered

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