Shared Infrastructure Programme

The Shared Infrastructure Programme defines operational standards for third-party service bureaux offering SWIFT connectivity - ensuring quality, security and reliability.

The Shared Infrastructure Programme – what does it offer?

Apart from establishing a direct connection to SWIFT Services, either with on-site footprint or through a cloud-based solution, users can opt to use an indirect or shared connectivity. Users who decide to connect through an entity not belonging to their own corporate group can do so via a Service Bureau.

Their business portfolio ranges from a narrow access to SWIFT services to a range of additional services, supporting customers beyond their SWIFT-related activity with other value-add or localised services such as compliance verification or local-language support to the SWIFT User community.

To help customers in their due diligence in engaging with a Service Bureau, the SWIFTs Shared Infrastructure Programme (SIP) provides a supporting framework. SWIFT ensures proper management of the Programme, including registration and certification of service bureaux, whereas the Service Bureau is responsible for its own operations towards its serviced customers and for its continued compliance with the SIP towards SWIFT.

SWIFTs SIP defines eligibility criteria, roles and responsibilities, as well as legal, financial and operational requirements that Service Bureaux must meet at all times. On top of this obligation for the Service Bureau, SWIFT performs additional checks, including on-site inspections, to verify compliance at specific moments.

SWIFT regularly reviews and adapts the SIP to reflect market and technical developments and the evolving threat landscape.

Register as a SWIFT service bureau

Certification helps SWIFT users choose the right provider for their needs and enables service bureaux to position themselves in the market.

Skills certification

A SWIFT service bureau must meet the programme’s specified skills certification requirements.

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Latest document update

Security and Operational Framework - 2019

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Last update: 
28 December 2018

This document establishes a set of mandatory security controls for service bureaux participating in the Shared Infrastructure Programme. This version of the document is effective since January 2019.

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Shared Infrastructure Programme Policy

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Last update: 
28 December 2018

This document sets out SWIFT's policy with regard to service bureaux that offer shared infrastructure services in the context of the Shared Infrastructure Programme. The document is for service bureaux and SWIFT users that want to understand the contractual framework that governs the use of service bureaux.

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Shared Infrastructure Programme Terms and Conditions - 2019

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28 December 2018

This document governs the relationship between SWIFT and the service bureaux that offer shared infrastructure services in the context of this Shared Infrastructure Programme. The document sets out the eligibility criteria for admission by SWIFT as a SWIFT service bureau, the roles and responsibilities of SWIFT and the service bureau, and the operational requirements that a SWIFT service bureau must comply with. The SIP Terms and Conditions 2019 are effective since 1 January 2019 and are aligned with the Customer Security Programme. The detailed operational and security requirements are covered in a separate document, the Shared Infrastructure Programme Security and Operational framework.

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Work session: role of SIP in effective risk management

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Last update: 
14 December 2018

The SIP work session slides used during SOFE 2018 in Amsterdam.

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Programme description

The SIP is designed to establish and maintain a high level of security and resilience for service bureau operations

Service bureau directory

The Service Bureau directory shows the compliance status of Service Bureaux with the requirements of the Shared Infrastructure Programme

Service bureau portal

Learn everything you need to become a Service bureau.

Document centre

Download all the resources such as the Programme policy, terms and conditions, registration forms etc.

Shared Infrastructure Programme