cyber security chapter 3

Cyber security in the financial industry

Video Series Part 3: Enhanced Controls Across the Networks

SWIFT security update

Security announcements

SWIFT statements on recent customer security incidents


RMB growth steadies in 2016

Setting solid foundation for further internationalisation


Addressing the unintended consequences of de-risking

New SWIFT paper provides industry insights into its impact, and what banks can do to protect their correspondent connections

Customer Security Programme

SWIFT launches dedicated customer security programme

Reinforcing the security of the global banking system

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Looking to cut costs, complexity or risk and capture new opportunities? Find out how we can help address your business challenges.

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FIN messages
on 19 August 2016
FIN messages
in August 2016
Total messages 2016 Growth YTD Network availability 2016
22.44Mio 364Mio 4,102Mio 6.36% 99.999%
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SWIFT the reference of BIC directory

Business Identifier Code (BIC) Directory


News highlights

Press releases

Global events

White papers

In the spotlight

De-risking in Africa on the rise, according to latest SWIFT data

SWIFT data shows that banks around the world are reducing their correspondent banking relationships with a focus on perceived higher-risk jurisdictions, including...

RMA and RMA Plus: managing correspondent connections

New SWIFT paper explains how you can better understand, manage and mitigate operational, compliance and fraud risks in line with industry recommendations
26 September 2016

Sibos 2016 Geneva

Discover how SWIFT is making real world change for the financial industry


New high value payments systems task force is a key enabler of ISO 20022 harmonisation

SWIFT, along with major global banks and market infrastructures, has formed HVPS+ - an ISO 20022 market practice task force that will...

Joint Statement: Federal Reserve Bank of New York, Bangladesh Bank and SWIFT

New York Meeting

SWIFT launches security tools campaign

Awareness campaign to drive greater take up of existing security tools

Financial Crime Compliance

When it comes to financial crime compliance, we understand the challenges of mitigating risks and costs. Our solutions are the result of working closely with our customers to understand and address their needs.

Variations in US/EU law can lead to compliance challenges for multinational banking community

New academic research from the SWIFT Institute shows that conflicts between information sharing and data privacy can lead to information breakdowns across...

SWIFT speaks at Black Hat conference, underscoring the importance of information sharing in meeting the cyber challenge

Speaking at a major cyber security industry event, SWIFT’s Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) this week underlined the importance of SWIFT’s Customer...

Reinforcing the chain

FATF Recommendation 16 highlights the end-to-end data quality challenge of financial crime compliance
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