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Last update: 21 December 2018

Guidelines for use of gCCT confirmations by non-gpi members

This document contains information for non-gpi members who may optionally start using MT 199 gCCT confirmation messages...

Last update: 22 December 2017

SR 2017 – NDF changes

Post-cutover guidance

Last update: 22 November 2016

Chinese Commercial Code eTable maintenance group member list and contacts

CCC maintenance group contact list

Last update: 18 November 2016

e-CCC from V1 to V2 Code table

e-CCC in xls format

Last update: 18 November 2016

e-CCC v2 Code table

e-CCC table in Excel format

Last update: 19 January 2016

Powerpoint presentation of the background of e-CCC table

Illustration of the background, status of current layout, and where to use the e-CCC table in MT messages.

Last update: 15 December 2015

TSU – Corporate to bank guidelines

The document presents the general principles and guidelines of the TSU corporate-to-bank (TSU C2B) project.

Last update: 14 December 2015

MT 300 and 304 usage guidelines for exotic derivatives

The treasury markets are subject to an ever-increasing pace of change. New participants are now exchanging treasury...

Last update: 14 December 2015

Matching field guide (MT 300/305/306)

Indicate if your firm fully agrees to the field population of the MT300, MT305 and MT306 in the adjoining tabs and...