Using Alliance Messaging Hub

Enabler for business operations

AMH is built to achieve a faster time to market for new products and services, and a quicker set up time for new lines of business. This is made possible by the platform’s ability to handle loosely coupled business flows and to bridge legacy applications without adjusting them. The platform also supports data segregation and facilitates audited financial message processing in order to meet both business and regulatory requirements.

Providing scalability

Designed for high volume, high performance, high availability and modularity, AMH is easily extendable to additional services and protocols. The platform supports linear scalability by upgrading individual hub deployments, or by providing extra instances that work in parallel and share the workload.


Multi-network and unified communications

Consolidating multiple financial gateways, AMH offers a unified approach for all communication channels by decoupling the communications and business workflows. The platform provides simplified and centralised operations with an identical look and feel to message handling. Working across messaging siloes and business lines that share the cost, AMH enables the streamlining of connectivity between various networks.

Built for performance

Proven to perform under heavy message load, AMH features Active-Active architecture, automatic fail over, automatic reconnection and auto retry functions. Meanwhile, the platform’s horizontal scaling provides the required throughput performance.


Powerful integration capabilities

The platform’s business process engine provides flexibility and ROI when integrating with existing applications. AMH also enables technical business experts to create their own business flows, transformations, report definitions and complex business routing. With an intuitive graphical user interface, open standards support, web services and an SOA approach, AMH can be integrated and tailored to any business environment.

AMH PowerSearch

AMH PowerSearch function accelerates the response to queries regarding financial messaging, supporting the business need for data investigation more effectively.

This is achieved by offloading the search and response mechanism from the Oracle database to a separate load-distributed copy of the data on which searches can be performed. With the load removed from the Oracle database, restrictions no longer prevent queries from accessing large areas of the database – leading to faster search results.


AMH Workbench

All transactions handled by the platform are joined with a single view AMH instance called a Workbench, giving business and operational users easy access to work on financial messages. The Workbench provides a consolidated view of all the messages handled in all the straight through processing (STP) engines. Exceptions are handled on the Workbench instances that users are connected to at that time.

At a glance

  • Clear and intuitive business user interface
  • Full support for SWIFT and local clearing networks
  • Sophisticated data management capabilities
  • Seamless routing between different messaging services
  • Off-the-shelf adapters for flexible back-office integration
  • Straightforward to configure business flows, define formats and make changes
  • Open and componentised architecture
  • Non-disruptive solution, enabling seamless integration in your environment