Unlocking payment confirmations for all

By end 2020, all financial institutions on SWIFT will be required to confirm payments to the gpi Tracker.

A smooth path to universal payment confirmations

Our focus is on making it as easy as possible to adopt gpi and confirm payments. Full gpi membership is open to all and provides the most comprehensive tracking and confirmation capabilities, with access to other value-added services as well. For banks who are not gpi members, we also have solutions to help you confirm payments.

Basic tracker

To support non-gpi banks with limited cross-border payments volumes, we’re introducing a basic tracker – a free basic version of the full gpi Tracker that allows banks to manually confirm payments.

Through the basic tracker, banks will be able to meet payment confirmation requirements, access basic search and tracking features, and have an easy upgrade path to the full version of the gpi Tracker if they wish. 

The basic tracker will become available in the second half of 2019.


gpi basic tracker pilot

We’re looking for financial institutions all around the world to take part in our basic tracker pilot project. Interested in getting involved in shaping the future of cross-border payments?


Automated MT 199 confirmations

Many gpi members confirm payments by sending an interbank payment message (MT 199) to a dedicated gpi Tracker BIC through their existing SWIFT interface. 

This message then triggers an update to the Tracker and provides payment confirmation to the ordering bank. From November 2019, all financial institutions on SWIFT will be able to confirm gpi payments using this method. 

Confirm via API calls

Using API calls to confirm payments is a fast and efficient way to update the gpi Tracker. From the end of 2019, all SWIFT users will be able to use the gpi connector to update the Tracker using the unique tracking code of the transaction. 


ISO 20022

From 2021, with the support of SWIFT and other key market infrastructures, the global banking community will be moving to a new messaging standard for payments: ISO 20022.


To help reduce the burden for banks and ease the transition from MT, an ISO 20022-compliant messaging standard will also be available to provide confirmations to the gpi Tracker.


Start your payment confirmations journey

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