SWIFT gpi for Market Infrastructures

Cross-border payments, transformed

Towards global payment interoperability

Payment market infrastructures (PMIs) have a critical role to play in facilitating the end-to-end tracking of cross-border payments. As soon as an international payment reaches a domestic or regional market, PMIs typically come in the picture for local clearing and settlement.

More than 55 PMIs are already delivering value for their members by exchanging gpi payments and enabling domestic exchange and tracking.

SWIFT continues to work with this community to ensure compatibility with the gpi payment specifications and to ultimately achieve global interoperability between domestic and cross-border payments services.

Benefits for Market Infrastructures

Deliver community value

Ensuring your compatibility with gpi payments allows your community to benefit from the service

Enable interoperability

Allow your community to connect their domestic and cross-border payments services

Ensure efficient clearing

Guarantee the efficient clearing of gpi payments between gpi member banks

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SWIFT gpi - Payments Market Infrastructure Guide

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Last update: 
18 October 2018

How payment market infrastructures can support gpi payments.

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SWIFT gpi - Payments Market Infrastructure Guide

How payment market infrastructures can support gpi payments.

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