SWIFTRef delivery channels

Channels and formats for the distribution of reference data

SWIFTRef delivery channels

SWIFTRef supports multiple delivery channels and formats for the distribution of reference data. Depending on your product choice, one or more of the below options will be available.

Online lookup

The online service offers a comprehensive web query tool for the manual look-up of payments reference data. Users who have registered for one of the SWIFTRef online products can access the service via the SWIFTRef Portal.

Data manual download

Using the manual download option, customers who have acquired one or more of the SWIFTRef directories in file format can download the product from the SWIFTRef Portal.

All files are in txt and xml format and present compressed packages which comprise full, delta and other data sets.

Files are available on a monthly basis. A daily download option is also available.

Data download automation (web service)

A set of web resources is available to customers who subscribe to the Download Automation service. This service allows users to download publication files automatically in either txt or xml format, and to download the entire directory package or individual files contained within each directory. Users can thereby integrate data into their back-office systems faster and more efficiently.

Files are available on a monthly basis. A daily download option is also available.

Please find on the Knowledge Centre all the technical specifications.

Data download automation (FileAct)

SWIFTRef directory files can also be distributed through FileAct in a store-and-forward mode.

The service allows you to receive monthly and daily updated directories automatically over FileAct, enabling direct and secure transfer to your back-office. The option offers an alternative to downloading over the internet (download automation web service).

On the monthly publication date, or daily if subscribed, SWIFT will load the directories in your FileAct store-and-forward queue. You can then fetch the files for further automated processing into your internal applications.

Please find on the Knowledge Centre all the technical specifications.


Providing an automated look-up service for SWIFTRef data, our SWIFTRef API gives easy access to financial reference data – leading to lower implementation costs, efficiency improvements and greater customer satisfaction.

With SWIFTRef API, developers can benefit from easy access to an accurate and complete set of financial reference data. SWIFTRef API eases the integration of data with your applications and interfaces, reducing the risks linked to integration with other systems.

More information can be found here.


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