Sanctions Screening

Rest assured. Our managed Sanctions Screening service has transaction screening covered

A simple solution for your transaction screening needs

This fully-managed, securely-hosted service screens your incoming and outgoing messages against the latest sanctions lists and instantly alerts you to any matches. It’s as simple as that.

All structured transaction formats are covered, including FIN, ISO 20022, SEPA and FedWire.  Messages are screened in real-time to ensure you can act immediately to block or investigate suspicious transactions.

We maintain some 30 sanctions lists from all the major regulatory bodies, so your screening is always compliant with the latest requirements. You can select which lists you want to screen transactions against, and add your own lists to the service.

Our Sanctions Screening service has workflow and set-up options to fit your processes - yet with virtually no software to install, the solution is also fast and cost-effective to deploy and use.

With Sanctions Screening, your institution can be up and running quickly, ensuring your sanctions screening obligations are always fully covered.

Managed solution for screening transactions against sanctions lists

Benefit from a fully-managed service offering a sophisticated screening engine, regularly updated lists and industry-level security and, reliability. We’ll take care of it.

Simple, easy-to-use workflow

Sanctions Screening automatically routes messages to a centrally-hosted filter for real-time matching against your choice of sanctions lists.

Easy to implement with low deployment and operating costs

Ready-to-use and fast-to-deploy, Sanctions Screening is more cost-effective to operate than in-house systems. It’s the solution chosen by hundreds of institutions worldwide.

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Getting started with Sanctions Screening

Make your plan

It’s important to plan how you want to use the service. We suggest you map your requirements and identify your team before signing up for Sanctions Screening.

Configure the system

Once you’re signed up, it’s easy to set-up users and workflows and select the sanctions lists you want applied.

Use the service

Now you’re ready to start screening messages and reviewing alerts on the Sanctions Screening portal. Monthly reports are provided.

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Sanctions Screening testimonial video – Rawbank

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11 November 2016

Isaac Kalala of Rawbank Bank explains how Sanctions Screening supports sanctions compliance and counter terrorist funding activities.

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Video - Sanctions Screening: Transaction screening made easy

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Last update: 
21 October 2016

Transaction screening made easy

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Sanctions Screening - Press release - Spanish version

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Last update: 
6 October 2016

El servicio de listas de verificación de sanciones financieras supera los 500 clientes en todo el mundo

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Systems testing and annual certification: driving business benefits

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Last update: 
25 August 2016

This info paper outlines implications of new DFS certification requirements, the potential for banks to develop ongoing review programmes that enhance processes and create business efficiencies, and how Sanctions Testing and other SWIFT services can help

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