Daily Validation Reports

A simple, independent way to verify your SWIFT payments activity

Detect unusual payment flows with Daily Validation Reports

Daily Validation Reports are an important new addition to SWIFT’s financial crime compliance portfolio and part of our Customer Security Programme to strengthen the global financial community’s defences against cyber-threats.

In recent wire fraud attacks, fraudulent messaging activity has been concealed on targeted banks’ local systems by deleting logs and manipulating data records – activity that can leave smaller financial institutions particularly vulnerable.

Daily Validation Reports help to mitigate the risk of lost records by providing daily activity and risk reporting of your previous day’s SWIFT transactions. Reports are delivered via a completely separate, secure online channel, direct to your compliance/operations teams for monitoring.  

Activity reporting shows aggregated value and volume data for your institution’s in- and out-bound MT 103, MT 202, MT 202COV, MT 205 and MT 205COV messages, along with comparisons against your daily volume and value averages over the previous 24 months, allowing any significant change in activity to be quickly identified.

The Risk reporting feature highlights large or unusual single transactions and aggregated transactions by counterparty – and also flags new combinations of direct and indirect counterparties from transactions during that day.

Daily Validation Reports are an effective, easy-to-use support in the prevention, detection and response to cyber-attacks. And because they are a secure, web-based service hosted by SWIFT, you can get up and running very quickly and cost-effectively.


Available now

Daily Validation Reports are now available. Order them today to strengthen your defenses against cyber threats.

A complete and independent record of your institution’s payment activity

Daily Validation Reports show your in- and out-bound message traffic over SWIFT’s global network – reported direct to your payments, compliance and operations teams independently of your local systems.

Daily monitoring of payments activity combined with rapid risk detection

Aggregated daily highlighting large single transactions/flows and new counterparty relationships. Reports provide average daily value and volume comparisons enabling rapid response to fraud incidents.

Our simple, web-based solution is secure and cost-effective

Daily Validation Reports are delivered via a secure, web-based service hosted by SWIFT. With no data collection or IT set-up costs, this highly cost-effective solution is particularly suitable for smaller institutions.

Stay alert to payment fraud risks

SWIFT’s Daily Validation Reports help safeguard your institution against cyber-attacks



Payments best practices, Daily Validation Reports, support customers’ fraud prevention programmes

New elements are part of SWIFT’s Customer Security Programme to protect its community

SWIFT introduces mandatory customer security requirements and an associated assurance framework

Standards and framework will be applicable to all SWIFT customers
Compliance Info Papers

Mitigating fraud risk through strengthened payment operations

New info paper explains how to protect your institution and your community

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