Release 7.2 hardware requirements

Reference Hardware – 7.2 migration

The 7.2 migration upgrade will be available by the end of June 2017 and customers will need to upgrade by September 2018 to ensure that their SWIFT services remain uninterrupted. Migration will only be possible to a new OS environment. There will be no way to upgrade to release 7.2 on your existing infrastructure.

Alliance 7.0 already runs on 64-bit hardware and so there is no need to purchase new hardware. However, this mandatory upgrade provides an ideal opportunity to review your current and future hardware needs.

Certain systems will benefit from a hardware upgrade in order to handle future software requirements and continued business growth. For example, these would require upgrades:

  • systems that are old (for example, bought at the time of the release 7.0 migration in 2010/2011)
  • systems that show signs of heavy usage like consistently using more than 50% of the CPU capacity, or facing significant queue build-up on the disk I/O

Note that internal policies in your institution or your hardware vendor may impose hardware updates, for example, if the system does not support the minimum operating system baseline required for release 7.2).

There is no reference hardware for 7.2 available yet. For guidance on hardware selection, see the Alliance 7.2 Migration Guide, or the Frequently Asked Questions on 7.2 Migration.