Release 7.2

The mandatory Release 7.2 is planned for June 2017. Customers must upgrade by September 2018

Alliance and SWIFTNet Release 7.2 - Mandatory upgrade

A mandatory upgrade to the underlying technology behind SWIFTs Interface products is planned for 2017. The aim of the release is to continue to provide a highly secure and efficient SWIFT service for our customers in the years ahead.

This upgrade will apply to Alliance Access, Alliance Entry, Alliance Gateway, Alliance Web Platform Server-Embedded and SWIFTNet Link product.

Release 7.2 will be available by the end of June 2017. It is necessary for affected customers to upgrade by September 2018, to ensure that their SWIFT services remain uninterrupted. The Final Release 7.2 Overview - Alliance Products and Final Release 7.2 Overview - SWIFTNet documents, as well as the Migration to Release 7.2 (Preliminary version)  and a dedicated SWIFTSmart eLearning module provide further details to help plan for this change.

If you have any initial queries please contact your local SWIFT customer support centre. To help you transition to release 7.2 SWIFT also provides a range of service offerings that includes Consultancy, Training and Operational services. For more information on these offerings, please consult the Services section or contact your SWIFT Account Manager.

Benefit from all changes delivered since Release 7.0

By bringing our whole community on the same baseline of functionality and security, both service providers and users can reap the benefits of these changes.

Technology refresh

Refreshing the underlying technology of our product portfolio guarantees you can use it for the foreseeable future.

64-bit architecture

Release 7.2 introduces the 64-bit architecture, which uses the existing hardware and can deliver significant capacity benefits.