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What is a login-seal?

  • A login-seal is a private image or text that you can upload to, and that is displayed on the login page.
  • If you see this login-seal on the login page, you are sure that it comes from and is not a phishing attack. Even without being registered on, you can setup a login-seal.

How to set up a login-seal?

  • To setup a login-seal, click on ‘Access online tools’ on the home page. This will display the login screen where you will see the link to setup a login-seal.
  • The maximum size of an image that I can upload as login-seal is 5 MB.
  • SWIFT will set a cookie on your PC with a reference number to the login-seal to be displayed.
  • Only knows which login-seal corresponds to this reference number, so only will be able to display the correct image or text that you have defined.
  • Anybody who uses your PC will see the login seal. Therefore, do not use confidential data as your login-seal.

What if you do NOT see the login-seal?

  • You may be looking at a page that is a phishing attempt if you did setup a login-seal from this PC before. Therefore you should NOT login with this page and instead contact your local SWIFT support centre.
  • You may report the phishing attempt to
  • You are using a  PC that is different from the PC on which you have setup the login-seal. In this case, you need to setup a login-seal also on this PC.
  • You have deleted all cookies on your PC. In this case, you need to setup a login-seal again.
  • You are using a different type of browser on the same PC.  In this case, you need to setup a login-seal again with this type of browser.
  • You are using a different user-account on the same PC. If you may use different accounts of windows on the PC, your login-seal cookie may not be found by the browser. In this case, you need to setup a login-seal also with this user-account.