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The global reference data utility

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Log in to SWIFTRef portal


SWIFTRef is SWIFT’s unique reference data and financial information utility. Sourced from authorised data owners, SWIFTRef includes the most accurate reference data covering BIC, LEI, IBAN validation, national bank codes, standing settlement instructions, credit ratings and financial information. 

With SWIFTRef, financial institutions, corporates, data and service providers can now rely on a single source of data for flawless and trouble-free payments processing, accurate regulatory reporting, counterparty risk analysis and due diligence.



Universal payments confirmation by 2020

By end 2020, all financial institutions on SWIFT will be required to confirm payments to the gpi Tracker.


Notification Centre

Receive operational messages through this secure communication channel on mySWIFT. The Notification Centre enables you to reduce emails while staying up-to-date with operational news.

Please note that nothing will change for the Operational Service Status Notifications: they will continue to be sent through the usual channels and only if users have subscribed through the operational service notifications page.