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Alliance Access Developer Kit (ADK)

The Alliance Access developer kit provides an Application Programming Interface (API), which gives access to various resources and services of Alliance Access. It allows tight integration of back-office applications and development of business add-ons for Alliance Access customers.

Table of contents


  • Alliance Access run-time on any platform (AIX, RHEL, Solaris and/or Windows), including RMA license
  • The API libraries (exclusively available in C programming language), samples, development guide to develop host adapter or Access plug-in software
  • Alliance Access adapters and other optional components that are made available to end users, including MQSeries, File and SOAP adapters
  • Alliance Access Developer kit run-time and developer licenses
  • Access to SWIFT developer support and knowledge base
  • Entitlement to all Alliance Access releases (delivered on DVD) and patches (available on SWIFT download center)
  • The right to apply for Alliance Access Add-on label


The Alliance Access developer toolkit is the perfect choice to develop add-ons for Access customers.  It is a compelling tool to develop Anti Money Laundering (AML), watch and caution lists filtering and other crime prevention add-ons. It allows to monitor the messaging flows for reporting and audit purposes, and to deploy Business Activity Monitoring (BAM) utility.

Some partners leverage the ADK for operational purpose, to convert, enrich or repair messages for STP, to manage duplicates, to derive traffic statistics, to extract messages that need extra approval before being sent out, to archive database, to recover the Alliance system or to tightly integrate their applications, network service or middleware with Alliance Access.

The Alliance Access developer toolkit reinforces the internal security mechanisms of Alliance Access by minimising the risk of running "break-in" applications that can tamper with the system and by restricting the access of new components to the set of services which they officially claim to require.


Registered vendors and SWIFT users can order the Access Developer kit at the following conditions

Access Developer kit (ADK)

Supported Standards

Adapters available

Messaging services

Alliance Access developer Toolkit


API (in C only)

FIN, InterAct, FileAct

The developer toolkit can also be connected to SWIFT Integration testbed to perform end-to-end testing.

ITB Connectivity for ADK


ITB Connectivity pack


This is an extract of SWIFT Price List that can change from time to time. In case of inconsistency, SWIFT Price List supersedes the pricing listed here.