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SWIFT answers the Paris Call for security in cyberspace

SWIFT answers the Paris Call for security in cyberspace

12 November 2018

Whether as consumers, citizens, decision-makers or developers, we all use the internet – and we all must work together to protect cyberspace.

Today, SWIFT has endorsed the Paris Call – a call which unites governments, industry and civil society together to increase trust, security and stability in cyberspace in a renewed effort to strengthen the work of the international community and everyone involved in digital security.

SWIFT is acutely mindful of its role in helping to reinforce and safeguard the security of the wider financial system – and we will continue to work with our 11,000-strong community to help ensure the security of the industry.

This call emphasises the importance we place on the stability of wider cyberspace, and our determination to work with others to provide solutions to the challenges we face.

Signatories to the call, like SWIFT, have committed to work together – in the existing fora and through the relevant organisations, institutions, mechanisms and processes – to assist one another and implement cooperative measures to:

  • Prevent and recover from malicious cyber activities that threaten or cause significant, indiscriminate or systemic harm to individuals and critical infrastructure;
  • Prevent activity that intentionally and substantially damages the general availability or integrity of the public core of the internet;
  • Prevent ICT-enabled theft of intellectual property, including trade secrets or other confidential business information, with the intent of providing competitive advantages;
  • Develop ways to prevent the proliferation of malicious ICT tools and practices intended to cause harm;
  • Strengthen the security of digital processes, products and services, throughout their lifecycle and supply chain;
  • Support efforts to strengthen an advanced cyber hygiene for all actors;
  • Take steps to prevent non-state actors, including the private sector, from hacking-back, for their own purposes or those of other non-State actors;
  • Promote the widespread acceptance and implementation of international norms of responsible behavior as well as confidence-building measures in cyberspace. 

The call was officially introduced by President Macron in Paris on 12 November 2018. SWIFT is an early supporter of the call.

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