SWIFT events banner Abidjan

SWIFT African Regional Conference 2017

16 to 18 May 2017 in Abidjan, Ivory Coast


Customer Security Programme (CSP)

Reinforcing the security of the global banking system


Mitigating fraud risk through strengthened payment operations

New info paper explains how to protect your institution and your community


SWIFT and Accenture outline path to Distributed Ledger Technology

New paper analyses the opportunities and challenges of distributed ledger technology in financial services; identifies key factors for success


Transforming Cash and Trade Operations in the Indian Asset Management Industry

New paper shows standardisation and automation as the path to increased efficiency and straight through processing

Company Information

SWIFT Chairman addresses the Business Forum London

Yawar Shah highlights urgency and importance of SWIFT’s Customer Security Control Framework – here is his speech in full


Payments standards changes for 2020 and why you should act now

SWIFT FIN Standards Release 2020 prepares the community for a more systematic approach to compliance. But there’s a lot to do to prepare so organisations should act now to meet the challenging timetable.


Innovation Essentials: In Conversation with Claire Calmejane

Watch this series examining top tips from leading innovators in the financial industry on how to make innovation a success. This week: Interview with Claire Calmejane, Lloyds Banking Group.

Business Forum

Transforming the ASEAN landscape with Innovation and Cybersecurity

Development of trust is paramount for the industry

Cyber Security

Cyber security in the financial industry – The convergence of cyber and financial crime

Join the cyber conversation. Watch this four-part series examining cyber security in the financial industry: learn about the threats, the risks, and which actions need to be taken to stay ahead of the criminals.

Business Forum

Experts gather to discuss cybersecurity and innovation in Toronto

The SWIFT Business Forum Canada 2017


Global trade in a digital age

New paper by SWIFT and the Boston Consulting Group discusses ways of unlocking the full potential of trade and commerce for Digital India

Cyber Security

SWIFT launches new anti-fraud payment control service for customers

Solution a major milestone in SWIFT’s Customer Security Programme, designed to increase security and trust in the global financial community


De-risking and financial inclusion

Community engagement can aid banks in addressing the challenges posed by de-risking, and SWIFT is here to help