SWIFT FIN Traffic & Figures

An overview of daily and monthly FIN traffic patterns for the payments, securities and treasury markets

Monthly FIN traffic evolution

With a daily average of 27.03 million FIN messages exchanged over SWIFT, February 2017 performed 7.8% higher than February 2016. This brings the year-to-date growth to 6.4%. Reporting messages contributed to 61% of the growth and represented 47% of the total traffic.

All Markets

Expressed in million messages (average daily traffic volumes per month)

Daily FIN traffic

In 2016 there were three FIN peak days. The last peak day was recorded on Thursday 30 June with 30,392,943 messages. This peak was a jump of 7.4% above the previous peak day, which is the highest increase recorded since 2003. Three Payment peaks were recorded in 2016, four Securities peaks, and for the first time since 2011, we recorded peaks in Treasury (two peaks in 2016).

Expressed in million messages (total daily traffic volume - all markets)

SWIFT’s company-wide transaction global overview is invaluable.

Ana Sancho, Global Payments Network Manager for Treasury Services, BNY Mellon

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