Join our Partner Programme

The SWIFT Partner Programme provides valuable benefits including the opportunity to certify your SWIFT-related products and services.

Join our Partner Programme

Join our Partner Programme

Participation in the SWIFT Partner Programme is a great way to gain additional credibility for your SWIFT-related products and services while enhancing your commercial opportunities. Qualified participants are entitled to a wide range of benefits, including:

  • Online access to SWIFT documentation and support, including the SWIFT User Handbook (UHB) and Knowledge Base tips, ordering and billing, and case management.
  • Eligibility to apply for SWIFT Certification of your applications, interfaces, and service specialists.
  • Eligibility to register and participate as an official Sibos exhibitor.
  • Access to SWIFT developer and testing tools to facilitate development and testing of SWIFT-compliant solutions at standard prices and conditions.
  • Access to additional SWIFT products, services and training at standard prices and conditions.


Registration is mandatory in order to take part in the SWIFT Certified programme or become a SWIFT Business Partner.

Please note that initial registration for the SWIFT Partner Programme does not provide any formal recognition by SWIFT. Those registering for the SWIFT Partner Programme will not be listed in SWIFT collateral or on our website.

For the exact entitlements of each type of relationship, please refer to the SWIFT Partner Programme - Terms & Conditions  or your local SWIFT office.


Certify your SWIFT-related product
or service

  • Do you have a SWIFT-related product or service that you would like to promote more effectively?
  • Are you interested in developing a business relationship with SWIFT?


Registration in SWIFT’s Partner Programme is a mandatory first step toward SWIFT Certification of your application, interface or service specialist.

Apply to certify an application

Apply to certify a specialist


How to register

  1. Please read carefully the SWIFT Partner Programme Terms and Conditions.
  2. Complete the registration form and submit it to SWIFT. We’ll review your registration request and confirm your eligibility.
  3. Once we’ve reviewed and accepted your registration, we’ll ask you to pay the registration fee. (Currently EUR 2,500 per year)


Once you’re registered, your registration will be automatically renewed at the beginning of each year, subject to fee payment and your continued compliance with the terms and conditions.  


Registering a subsidiary

A company that is already registered is entitled to register its own subsidiaries without incurring additional costs. Although subsidiaries receive the same advantages as their parent company, SWIFT only maintains a direct relationship with the parent organisation. Changes to details of the subsidiaries must be requested by the parent organisation.


Subsidiaries are also entitled to apply for certification through the SWIFT Certified programme, independently from their parent.

If you would like to register a subsidiary, please submit the appropriate registration form.