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Case Resolution
29 July 2020

Cracking the case: how we’re simplifying payment exceptions and investigations

Our case resolution service enables banking operations teams to solve cross-border payment enquiries and investigations faster...
Universal Confirmations – what you need to know before 22 November
17 July 2020

Universal Confirmations: Answers to your key questions

With the deadline to confirm payments approaching, here’s what you should know to get prepared.
6 July 2020

SWIFT, CCB Fintech collaborate to bring expertise to the Chinese financial community

SWIFT and CCB Fintech sign a memorandum of understanding to collaborate on knowledge sharing and cooperation.
SWIFT Payments
1 July 2020

Reaping the benefits of inbound payments tracking

Banks, corporates and application providers partner to further improve payment transparency.
Customer Due Diligence
20 June 2020

Efficient customer due diligence is key to improving corporate customer experience

As the requirements for customer due diligence across the world become more complex, Bart Claeys, Head...
Press release, company information
22 May 2020

SWIFT General Meetings of shareholders – 11 June 2020

SWIFT publishes its 2018 Communication on Progress to the UN Global Compact
7 May 2020

SWIFT publishes its 2019 Communication on Progress to the UN Global Compact

SWIFT is committed to support the ten universally accepted principles of the UNCG and to advance...
5th AML Directive
17 April 2020

What does the 5th AML Directive tell us about registries and their role in combatting financial crime?

With the recent introduction of the 5th AML Directive, registries are set to play a more...
Press release, company information
14 April 2020

Statement on Covid-19 Precautions

The Covid-19 pandemic continues to escalate around the world, impacting millions. SWIFT, like financial institutions, has...