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In a demanding payments landscape, SWIFT is playing an active role in advancing the industry towards a faster, secure and more transparent payments infrastructure. 

With gpi we are offering speed, transparency and end-to-end tracking of cross-border payments.  Our instant payments solution will enable customers to leverage their existing connection to facilitate instant payments, reducing cost and mitigating risk.

This is not a test, nor a proof of concept, billions of USD are moving across hundreds of currency corridors, enabling banks to give excellent client service to their customers.   


The correspondent banking network has reliably supported the international payments ecosystem for decades, enabling money to be transferred safely to anyone, anywhere in the world. But clearly this model needs to adapt to meet today’s customer demands.

SWIFT global payments innovation (gpi) is facilitating these customer demands for fast, trackable and transparent cross-border payments. SWIFT gpi provides real-time end-to-end payment tracking, fee transparency and more via a cloud-based application, the gpi Tracker.

Instant payments

The digital revolution has transformed the payments landscape and with the advancement of instant payments technology, the global consumer demand to be able to ‘pay and be paid in real-time’ is becoming a reality.

It is a reality for SWIFT too, with the provision of the real time architecture for Australian Payments, AUNPP.

What to expect from this year’s Sibos

This year we’ll be joined by a number of our 180+ gpi members from around the world. Together we will be explaining how gpi is enabling significant operational efficiency gains and cost saving opportunities.

We’ll give the full 360’ on gpi – from how to get involved, adopt and integrate through to a review of the investment possibilities for future development, realised from gpi’s partners - banks, corporates and fintechs.

The sessions you don't want to miss

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SWIFT gpi – the new norm for international payments


Live since 2017, SWIFT gpi brings the speed, transparency and end-to-end traceability in cross-border payments that corporate treasurers have long demanded. With gpi adoption growing every day gpi is now accepted as the new norm in international payments – in fact over 180 of the world’s most connected transaction banks are already part of the gpi movement with over 60 of these exchanging more than $100B every day and soon enabled to track their gpi payments across all 11.000 SWIFT connected financial institutions. This will trigger significant beneficial change for global corporations. So find out how your organisation can become gpi-enabled and reap the benefits now.

SWIFT Hub - Conference room

SWIFT gpi delivering value now


Over 70 major banks have already successfully adopted and rolled out the high-speed, fully trackable SWIFT gpi cross-border payments service to their customers – and bank staff and customers are feeling the benefits. In this session, hear first-hand from two live gpi users how gpi has significantly reduced their investigations and helped them maintain, or even regain, market share within specific customer segments.

SWIFT Hub - Theatre

Instant payments – really a real-time reality?


Several countries like the UK and Singapore have been offering instant payments (IP) domestically for a while now, Australia’s new payments platform is approaching one year live, SWIFT is preparing to go live with EBA’s RT-1 and Eurosystem's TIPS in Europe, and ever more countries are contemplating upgrading to instant payments capabilities. This session will explore how the “more mature IP” country’s banks have balanced customer demand with other banking requirements, what has been the Australian banks’ experience with instant payments and what lessons can be drawn by the European banks to position instant payments products and services in a domestic environment.



SWIFT Hub - Conference room

SWIFT gpi onboarding: How to make it a success


Every week we see another bank (or banks) go live with SWIFT gpi. How did they do it and, more importantly, how can you? Learn more about the steps you can take and the choices to consider in order to make your move to SWIFT gpi a smooth one. A gpi member bank and SWIFT gpi expert will show you how to take your company’s gpi journey successfully through the implementation phase and into day-to-day use.

SWIFT Hub - Theatre

An opportunity to make cross-border payments real-time 


As evidenced on a daily basis, gpi payments are quick – very quick – typically minutes or even seconds direct to the beneficiary. With more and more countries now offering domestic real-time payments, there is great impetus for global instant cross-border payments. This is why SWIFT recently kicked-off an initiative to explore how gpi payments could be accelerated even further, in particular through the use of domestic instant payments systems to settle the final leg. Join this session to understand the status of our ambition to build a truly global real-time payments experience to the benefit of your retail customers. 

SWIFT Hub - Conference room

Maximising its value through APIs


The Tracker – as  a core feature of gpi – is a SWIFT hosted database offering gpi banks a real-time view on the progress and status of all their cross-border gpi payments while these are transacting across the correspondent banking chain. While the majority of gpi-enabled banks rely today on SWIFT messages to consult and update their payments’ statuses on the Tracker, we see more and more banks using APIs to access the Tracker. APIs offer faster and flexible ways to integrate tracking views and details in bank back-office systems, customer channels and solutions for direct integration in end-customer systems. In this session, a series of gpi-active banks will elaborate on their API strategy, drivers, implementation and future plans with respect to gpi APIs.



SWIFT Hub - Conference room

Resources to get you ready for Sibos 2018