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ISO 20022 CBPR+ Translation portal
24 January 2020

SWIFT Translation Portal makes ISO 20022 message translation fast, simple and intuitive

Translation rules from SWIFT MT to ISO 20022 FI to FI payments are live
Universal confirmation
24 January 2020

Universal Confirmations: Completing the Last Leg of the Payments Journey

SWIFT and Aite Group report explores the benefits of mandatory confirmation of payment receipt for the...
KYC - Know Your Customer
20 January 2020

ISO 20022 in focus with HSBC

HSBC processes 4.4 billion payments every year – or 139 every second. The bank has offered...
20 January 2020

Experts debate liquidity in FX markets

Liquidity in major currency pairs is healthy, but the structure of liquidity in FX is changing...
Business Intelligence
13 January 2020

Meeting the challenge of intraday liquidity reporting

Managing intraday liquidity reporting is becoming increasingly complex ‒ with banks facing a number of obstacles...
Education and empowerment: How SWIFT supports communities across the world
9 January 2020

Education and empowerment: How SWIFT supports communities across the world

We believe everyone should have access to the skills and opportunities they need to be in...
7 January 2020

Standard Chartered introduces public portal for real-time tracking of cross-border payments

Standard Chartered announced the launch of SC GPI Track, a publicly accessible portal that offers the...
Digitalisation of KYC
19 December 2019

CSCF v19 re-attestation deadline approaching

Deadline to re-attest is 31 December 2019
Careers global grads programme
19 December 2019

What is it like to be a SWIFT graduate?

The SWIFT graduate programme provides unique opportunities for recent graduates to explore their talents, maximise their...