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ISO 20022 in focus with Deutsche Bank
11 December 2019

ISO 20022 in focus with Deutsche Bank

Deutsche Bank’s adoption of ISO 20022 means streamlined processes, richer data and the real-time tracking of...
FX & Technology
10 December 2019

Technology is cutting costs but cleaner data could transform how FX markets work

Digital technology now promises full automation for FX transaction processing, but the power of AI and...
5 December 2019

Regulation in the capital markets: helping or hindering innovation in securities services?

In the second of a three-part series exploring the key takeaways from the securities stream at...
Data and buy-side engagement the key to FX market self-regulation
4 December 2019

Data and buy-side engagement key to FX market self-regulation

Codes of conduct and market standards address poor behaviour in FX markets far more effectively than...
Anti-money laundering - AML
29 November 2019

The technologies transforming payments

Technology is unlocking bold new possibilities in the payments industry
SWIFT DLT e-Voting PoC
28 November 2019

The time is right to accelerate cloud migration

Increasingly, financial institutions are migrating their core services to public and private cloud solutions.
27 November 2019

SWIFT Chief Security Officer on the importance of intelligence sharing

Intelligence sharing, human judgement and investing in people key to strong cyber defences
26 November 2019

Four benefits real-time end-to-end tracking brings to your cross-border payments

Real-time tracking has opened up a new world of convenience in our day-to-day lives, and it's...
Data: leading the revolution in securities services
26 November 2019

Data: leading the revolution in securities services

New technologies and the role of data explored in part one of our three-part series on...