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7 November 2019

Three key trends shaping the future of corporate treasury

At Sibos corporate treasurers and banks came together to explore key trends shaping the future of...
Payments fraud
6 November 2019

Bringing seamless payments to Europe

As the industry readies itself for major changes to Europe’s payments infrastructure, we enter the development...
SWIFT for Corporates
6 November 2019 joins SWIFT gpi for Corporates

Works with SWIFT on a new payments-tracking service
Harmonising market infrastructure moves
31 October 2019

ISO 20022 adoption: Moving towards a common language

Sibos panellists discuss key elements of the transition to the new industry standard.
SWIFT for Corporates
30 October 2019

Juliette Kennel talks gpi in capital markets with Asset Servicing Times

How gpi can cut post-trade costs in capital markets
European MI projects - Single Market Infrastructure Gateway (ESMIG) and EURO1
29 October 2019

Preparing for Europe’s new payment architecture

How are banks preparing for changes to the Eurosystem’s core infrastructure while simultaneously acclimatising to shifts...
KYC - Know Your Customer
29 October 2019

Fostering trust and transparency in global correspondent relationships alongside the Wolfsberg Group

A standardised due diligence approach fosters trust and transparency between correspondent banks. Wolfsberg Group’s Correspondent Banking...
Universal confirmation
23 October 2019

Universal confirmations to transform the way we do business

Experts from Societe Generale, Roche, ACI Worldwide and SWIFT came together at Sibos in London to...
18 October 2019

CFETS Promotes Standardisation in the FX market

Adoption of common standards in FX would improve data quality and remove inefficiencies