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Business Intelligence to give you the edge

We’ve combined a wealth of unique SWIFT data with powerful analysis tools to bring you a rich portfolio of business analysis and market intelligence.

SWIFT Business Intelligence to give you the edge

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Watch Traffic for Banking: BI that gives you the edge
Business Intelligence
2 min view

Watch Traffic for Banking: BI that gives you the edge

Watch Traffic for Securities: BI that gives you the edge
Business Intelligence
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Watch Traffic for Securities: BI that gives you the edge


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Business Intelligence (BI) for gpi


Business Intelligence solutions for gpi

A portfolio of products and services for gpi project initiation, roll out and business development


gpi Observer Insights

Strengthening your gpi payment business through SWIFT Business Intelligence


gpi Observer Analytics

Developing your gpi business through unparalleled insights

Analysing your message volumes, costs and billing data


Comprehensive analysis and reporting of your group-wide SWIFT message volumes

Business intelligence on activity share and operational performance through analysis of message volumes sent and received...


Message Cost Analytics

Business intelligence through analysis of consolidated costs of your messages sent and received over SWIFT. Benchmarks...


Billing Analytics

Provides a consolidated view and analysis of your institution’s total SWIFT costs to help with budgeting...

Watch for Banking


Banking Analytics

Understand and evaluate your worldwide markets and counterparties. Analyse and benchmark your activity by volume, value...


Banking Analytics Premium

Our new premium service provides even greater granularity of data, to bring you cutting-edge insights and...


Banking Insights

Our visual dashboards provide immediate insights into your correspondent banking business. For better decision making.

Watch for Securities


Securities Analytics

Analyse your domestic and cross-border securities flows. Provides a clear picture of your operational and business...


Securities Insights

Business and operational insights into your domestic and cross-border securities flows. For better decision-making




Our powerful, end-to-end business intelligence solution combines financial messaging data with other information sources to deliver...


Information and analysis of cross-border flows to support central banks

SWIFT Scope for Central Banks collects cross-border transaction data from SWIFT and other sources for analysis...


SWIFT Scope supports compliance with BCBS 248 monitoring requirements

Our powerful, end-to-end business intelligence solution enables live intraday liquidity monitoring and reporting by feeding your...

SWIFT Economics


RMB Tracker

What does the internationalisation of the RMB mean for your business? Follow the developing story with...


RMB Market Insights

RMB Market Insights looks deeper into how and where RMB is used. Bringing you an extra...


Be GDP-aware with the SWIFT Index

Our fact-based indices give an early indication of short-term GDP evolution, based on global SWIFT data.

Business Intelligence Services


Business Intelligence Services: tailored insights for your business

When you need greater focus and more granular data, we offer customised reporting and consultancy using...