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SWIFT Scope supports compliance with BCBS 248 monitoring requirements

Increasing numbers of internationally active banks are faced with the challenge of intraday liquidity reporting regulation. A set of monitoring tools developed by Basel Committee on Banking Supervision’s (BCBS) need to be calculated and provided to local regulators on a monthly basis for each country and currency a bank is active in.

In April 2013, the Basel Committee on Banking Supervision (BCBS) published a set of monitoring tools that focus on intraday liquidity monitoring and reporting. The BCBS Intraday Liquidity Monitoring Tools require all internationally active banks to start reporting on a number of key metrics that will depends on the scope of their business activity. Depending on a bank’s jurisdiction, Basel III BCBS reporting requirements had to be implemented between January 2015 and January 2019.

SWIFT Scope delivers for you  

Based on SWIFT’s extensive expertise in financial messaging, system integration and business intelligence, SWIFT Scope for ILR is a flexible, automated, on-premises solution that provides an end-to-end implementation of the BCBS 248 metrics and intraday liquidity monitoring tools.

The solution covers:

  • Integration services including SWIFT message parsing, data storage and the development of an enhanced data model
  • Development of intraday monitoring dashboards for BCBS 248 metrics
  • Development of additional bespoke dashboards for stress testing or in support of internal reporting and business intelligence requirements.

The Basel Committee on Banking Supervision requirements aim to enable banking supervisors to monitor a bank’s management and intraday liquidity risk [...] SWIFT Scope provides an excellent Intraday Liquidity Management solution to meet these requirements.

Andreas Hauser, Institutional Cash Management, Deutsche Bank
SWIFT Scope multiple steps approach

Powerful analytics trusted by the industry

As a global service provider to other financial institutions, Deutsche Bank performed analysis of available liquidity reporting platforms to address its clients’ needs, and SWIFT Scope was named the ILR solution of choice.

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We support you end-to-end

SWIFT Scope is deployed on your premises and comes with end-to-end project management, guided software installation, end-user training, and the support and maintenance services that ensure the solution is tailored to your exact requirements.

More information

If you’re looking for a solution for intraday liquidity monitoring and reporting, why not speak to us?  We’ll be happy to discuss how SWIFT Scope can meet your needs and assist with BCBS 248 monitoring requirements.