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Meet evolving market challenges

Meet regulatory and cost challenges with our evolving portfolio of solutions. We provide easy connectivity and industry standard messages for secure, reliable communications and process automation. You can connect to your customers, counterparties and market infrastructures worldwide, through standardised, straight-through processing, reducing risk and costs.

Our innovative solutions cover financial crime compliance, the efficient management of collateral operations, business intelligence and consultancy services.

Leveraging your Swift infrastructure for T2S

Read about our market infrastructure solutions and T2S connectivity.

Improve corporate actions processing

Reduce the costs and mitigate the risks of corporate actions processing. With more than 60 corporate event types and multiple voluntary participation offers, you need a comprehensive, secure and reliable way to handle this complex task. Our solutions are based on international standards (ISO 15022 and ISO 20022) and industry best practice, delivering greater interoperability and straight through processing. You can connect to information sources, market infrastructures, local agents and your investment management customers cost effectively, using your existing Swift infrastructure.

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Our solutions

Global Financial Messaging

Choose industry standard messages for settlement and reconciliation

To enable straight through processing and reduce costs and risks, use settlement and reconciliation messages in ISO 15022 or 20022 standard formats over your existing Swift infrastructure.

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Automate and improve your collateral management operations

Our collateral management solutions cater for all types of collateral, major instruments and markets and cover bilateral, OTC derivative clearing, triparty and central counterparty clearing.

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Interfaces and Integration

Software & Connectivity

Alliance Access is the Swift connection option to choose for high volume processing. It gives full flexibility, control and integration with existing systems.

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Our integration layers help you manage change

When you’re implementing systems, infrastructure or business model changes, our integration layers and software adapters help you connect seamlessly to Swift.

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Compliance and Shared Services

Join The KYC Registry to simplify and improve compliance checks

With the KYC Registry you can manage and exchange Know Your Customer due diligence information more efficiently, comprehensively and at lower cost.

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Get analysis and insights into your messaging data

Watch for Securities brings you analysis of settlements and asset servicing messages sent and received over Swift, so you can assess your share of specific market segments and benchmark your client and network performance.

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Maximise the business value you get from standardisation

MyStandards is a collaborative online platform. It helps you manage and coordinate standards use across your business and with counterparties and customers.

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Swift and securities: training opportunities

We’ve a range of training opportunities to ensure you get the most from Swift for your business, including classroom, online and bespoke on-site options.

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Expert advice from trusted partners

When you need implementation, integration or project management support, our Consulting Services can help reduce costs and risk and enable business growth and regulatory compliance.

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The support you need

Benefit from the level of support that’s right for your business: on-site or online, 24x7 from our regional support centres.

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Our portfolio of solutions responds to your evolving needs

  • Automation for all your processes
  • Standards for straight-through processing
  • Innovative compliance solutions