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Standards coexistence of ISO 20022 and MT formats for cross-border payments and reporting messaging started successfully in March 2023, marking a major industry milestone on the journey to better data quality, and instant and frictionless payments.

By adopting the ISO 20022 data structure, financial institutions can ensure they meet their customers’ evolving needs. They can also more easily meet regulators’ requirements, gain operational benefits, and unlock opportunities to protect and grow their businesses with smarter insights and enhanced automation.

To reap the rewards though, you need to adopt ISO 20022 natively. So, what are the most promising use cases for ISO 20022? What tangible benefits should you be aiming for? And how can you build your internal business case?

Learn from your peers

This information is intended for decision-makers at financial institutions who want to gain a clearer understanding of the ISO 20022 opportunity.

In the following pages, early adopters of ISO 20022 share their learnings and insights around the strategic, long-term opportunities that ISO 20022 provides for payments processing.

With their help, we’ve outlined six different use cases for ISO 20022. These illustrate some of the ways you can achieve two key goals:

  • Run your business

Harness ISO 20022 to achieve quantifiable efficiency gains | Read now

  • Grow your business

Drive benefits for your customers while protecting or growing your market share | Read now

Join the collective effort

To maximise the ISO 20022 opportunity, financial institutions need rich, structured data in the messages they originate and receive.

You don’t need to wait for full community adoption. By adopting ISO 20022 today, you can already start to tap into the benefits it offers.

Read on to find out how you can build your business case and the benefits you can expect from adopting an ISO 20022-native approach.



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The transition to ISO 20022 is underway in payments

Supercharge your payments business with ISO 20022

Leading financial institutions share insights on the concrete benefits opened up by ISO 20022’s rich, structured data capabilities.