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A secure, global platform for sharing KYC data

Customer due diligence and KYC is essential in order to protect the global financial system from money laundering and financing of illegal and criminal activities.

Multi-jurisdictional anti-money laundering (AML) regulations require banks to collect specific information and documentation on their corporate and correspondent banking relationships. Collecting data to perform the necessary checks can be lengthy and complex.

SWIFT’s KYC Registry has been designed in collaboration with banks from across the globe to address these challenges. The KYC Registry is a secure global platform providing predefined data fields and document types to help standardise and streamline the data collection process.

To date, more than 5,500 financial institutions are using the KYC Registry to both publish their KYC data and receive data from their correspondent banks. It is recognised as the accepted standard for correspondent banking due diligence. The registry has now been extended to corporate customers of SWIFT to help simplify the KYC process between banks and corporates.

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The KYC Registry: It's all about you

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Financial crime compliance
SWIFT opens its KYC Registry to Corporates
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SWIFT’s market leading global registry is now open to corporate customers.

A standardised way for sharing KYC data

Predefined data fields and document types enable you to consolidate all your KYC data requests through one central platform.

Control who can access your data

Remain in control of who has access to your KYC data at all times with a complete audit trail of all activities.

Accelerate your KYC processes globally

The registry has been built in collaboration with banks across the globe who have agreed on a common set of data and document types to be used for KYC.

KYC - Know Your Customer

Join the KYC Registry

Simplify your KYC process.

Document centre

Last update: 3 April 2020

KYC Registry factsheet

The detail on how to make global KYC compliance easier.

Last update: 16 December 2019

KYC Registry - BNP Paribas testimonial

BNP Paribas improves client experience and enhances operational efficiency with the KYC Registry.

Last update: 16 December 2019

Il registro KYC per le imprese

Semplificazione del processo KYC tra banche e imprese

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Case Studies

KYC Registry - BNP Paribas testimonial

BNP Paribas improves client experience and enhances operational efficiency with the KYC Registry.

Case Studies

KYC Registry - Lloyds Bank Case Study

Lloyds Bank looks forward to building on trusted relationships with The KYC Registry

Case Studies

KYC Registry - Bank of America Merrill Lynch case study

SWIFT’s KYC Registry provides added resource for correspondent banking client due diligence.

How to get started?

Gather your data

Identify all the information you need, where it is currently held, and any processes that might be in place for approval or maintenance.

Create your account

Create your own account on, fill in the required fields, and then register your account to an institution.

Start to contribute

Input your KYC information on the registry. SWIFT’s operations team will conduct a “four eyes” check, making sure it is correct, compliant and safe.

Share your information

Grant access to the relevant entities so that they can access to your KYC documents.

KYC Registry can help your organisation be more efficient


Correspondent Banking

It is a regulatory requirement for banks to perform KYC checks on their correspondents as well as their corporate customers. The KYC Registry is used by over 5,500 financial institutions to manage the KYC exchange process across the world.

SWIFT for Corporates


Corporate treasury teams have to answer to multiple, overlapping KYC requests from different banks. SWIFT’s KYC Registry provides a central platform for corporates to manage and share their KYC data and documents in a standardised way to their banks