Order SWIFTNet Link (SNL)

This page allows you to order SWIFTNet Link, a SWIFT software product required to access and use SWIFTNet services.

Understanding the ordering process

Find out how to place your order, track your order and request high priority or emergency handling.

Important information about your order

Information on licence:

  • Each SWIFTNet Link base licence allows you to install SWIFTNet Link on three systems: one production system and up to two test or contingency systems.
  • For a supplementary licence fee, the SWIFTNet Link base licence can be extended to one or two additional test or contingency systems.

Traffic distribution to multiple SNL:

  • This feature allows users to receive real-time traffic for the same traffic flow on several SNL in parallel.
  • Knowledge Tip 2206727 (login required) details the traffic distribution to multiple SNL.

SWIFTNet Link (SNL) must be downloaded from the Download Centre (login required).

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