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Order media shop for software

Media shop allows you to order physical media (DVD or CD) for the software that you own for a fee of EUR 200.

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Understanding the ordering process
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Find out how to place your order, track your order and request high priority or emergency handling.

Important information about your order

A CD or DVD containing your software will be shipped by courier.

What can you order?

  • Alliance DVD box.
  • HACMP for Alliance Access (CD).
  • Transaction Delivery Agent (CD).
  • Accord GUI software and documentation (CD).
  • Alliance Access/Entry latest mandatory patch (CD).
  • Alliance Webstation Developers Kit (CD).
  • Gateway Developers Kit (CD).
  • Accord API Developer Kit (CD).

Shipping information
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Learn about SWIFT’s shipping procedures for orders which include a physical shipment – including information about tokens included in products such as 3SKey.

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