Order Alliance Gateway Instant (AGI)

This page allows you to order and configure Alliance Gateway Instant, a SWIFT software product required to access and use SWIFTNet Instant services.

Understanding the ordering process

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Alliance Gateway Instant (AGI)

Use this form to order a new AGI infrastructure, consisting of
2 Production AGIs and 1 Test AGI (1-node or 3-node) or
4 Production AGIs and 2 Test AGIs (1-node)

Change Alliance Gateway Instant (AGI)

Use this form to:
1. Add AGI(s)
2. Remove AGI(s)
3. Move AGI(s) to another Alliance Connect pack
4. Change AGI(s) IP address and/or Next Hop
5. Add Destinations (BIC8)
6. Remove Destinations (BIC8)
7. Change Main Destination (BIC8)

Professional Services

Use this form to order AGI Implementation services

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